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Client Care Award

for those staff who want to make a real difference

Latest News: Due to changes in the qualifications framework, and the high cost of re-qualification of the Award, we have reluctancly decided to withdraw the Award

If you are interested in the Award concepts, and would like to make use of the learning materials available, then please contact us for more information



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Based on our former nationally accredited client care qualification which was specifically developed for the needs of veterinary practice staff, and which has now been awarded to over 250 students

The aim of the programme is to equip veterinary receptionists, nurses and other practice staff with the key skills required to effectively manage the Client - Practice relationship, and for them to be able to demonstrate these skills in practice

Unit 1 Working with Clients

Introduces students to the key skills required to work effectively with clients. Students will learn the importance of basic client care, and have the opportunity to develop an understanding of how they can modify their own behaviour to improve their relationships with clients.

Unit 2 Managing the Client - Pet bond

Introduces students to the concept of the Client - Pet Bond, how this governs the relationship between the practice and the client, and how to avoid or manage conflicts between the needs of the client, their pet and the practice. Students will also learn how to manage the end of the relationship when the pet dies or is put to sleep, and how to handle client's needs sensitively following the death of their animal.

Unit 3 Maintaining and Improving Client Services

Introduces students to the tools and techniques required to handle client complaints such that the client's needs are met and the practice learns from the experience. Students will learn how to maintain a professional manner, question and listen effectively, and the importance of accepting, acknowledging, recording and reviewing the complaint.

What successful students say about the course;

"I have found the whole course to be very rewarding"

"The workbooks are very relevant to everyday work (in the practice)…which has enabled me to increase my skills and knowledge whilst allowing me to put them to good use on a daily basis."

"I found the exercises and assessments well laid out and easy to follow"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course; it has made me think, and given me the confidence to handle what can be potentially difficult situations."

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