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"In-Practice" Training

People Management Skills

(Sessions around 1.5 hours duration)

Motivating others to change behaviour

This is our most popular short people skills session. The theme is how do we make a colleague, subordinate or our boss do something differently? Using a proven motivational technique this session will show you how to use the 10 point plan, and will change your life forever

The appraisal interview

This session looks at how to prepare for and conduct appraisal interviews in a way that ensures a positive outcome for both parties. Whether you are new to appraisals or trying to improve what you have already, this session will make a difference. We have introduced this method into many practices, some of which have the Investors in People Standard.

Using disciplinary procedures

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we have to use a formal disciplinary process. This session looks at how to prepare for and complete disciplinary interviews to achieve both a positive outcome and to meet the requirements of employment legislation.

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