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Business Development

Vets in Business has developed a range of support services to help practice owners to get the best from their investment. These include:

Facilitated Partner's goal setting sessions

These sessions provide a structure to review where the practice is now, and to help the partnership team to identify and agree where they want to go, and why they want to go there.

Assisting with the development of Business Plans

Whether to support a loan application, as part of an investment review, or to focus thoughts and ideas, we assist in the development and preparation of business plans, drawing together our experience with that of the practice owners.

Data analysis and benchmarking to identify opportunities

We just love turning your data into useful information! Let us at your data and we can extract and explore the key trends and patterns and set them out in a way that owners and key staff can use them to inform decisions and actions.

Development of effective management reports

Take the chore out of managing your practice by letting us develop an effective set of management reports that engage your team, measure progress and stimulate review and learning.

Assessment of the effectiveness of the practice's management process to control and influence the key areas of sales revenue and operational costs

Are you really in control? We can review your current practices and compare this with our experiences, identifying how you can regain control without investing significant amounts of your valuable time.


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